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Visual identity




Rio de janeiro Brazil



fisio.move is a physiotherapy and aesthetic company. This identity was created from keywords taken from the briefing as lightness, movement, welcoming, reliability and minimalist.


The lower case of the font brings proximity to the public, as it conveys informality. Round finishes bring comfort and welcoming. Pastel colors were chosen because they emit calmness and well-being, as well as being a trend. And the shape chosen as the symbol brings the movement that the client sought.

The concept was based on these words: lightness, movement, confidence, welcome, and minimalist.

A more modern visual identity was created for fisio.move. The font in lower case was chosen because it brings closer to the public, is less formal, and also does not scream like the upper case.

Pastel colors are a trend, conveying calm and well-being. The circular format also conveys lightness, in addition to the sensation of movement and totality.

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