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Work n' Sip

California Institute of the Arts

UI/UX Design


Manchester, UK



Work n’ Sip is an app that helps remote workers find the best coffee shops in their local area to work from. The app include features such as a search function that allows users to find coffee shops based on their proximity and ratings, as well as Wi-Fi speed ratings, noise levels, and availability of power outlets.

peerreview_2 2-02.jpg

Part 1 of the development was the Moodboard: First I defined the app's aesthetic, style and tone.

peerreview_2 2-03.jpg

Part 2 of the development was the Pattern Library: Design some elements of the app. Some may even have changed in the final development.

peerreview_2 2-04.jpg

The final part of the assignment was to develop 2 final screens of your application.

Work, relax and enjoy your coffee!

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