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Au! Resgate

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

App Project


Rio de Janeiro, RJ



“Au! Resgate” (a play with words in Portuguese with "Woof", a dog's bark, and "rescue" that ends up meaning "to the rescue") is an application developed to assist people who want to help a mistreated animal but do not know how, offering information and contact with whom they can collaborate, as caregivers and volunteer users.

The main purpose of the application is to establish a connection between caregivers and

volunteers, facilitating the assistance to animals: in this way, the user will be able to clarify his doubts. The present gamification may also affect the user's actions in the app, making him

to feel good about helping a badly treated animal.

App functions

  • Create user or protector account

  • Customizable profile with medal counter

  • Message feed with groups

  • Help tutorials

  • Registration of animals called missions

  • Help options that is the quests feed

  • Ranking of completed missions




Landing page for app promotion

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